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Nissan and Waseda University testing jointly developed recycling process for electrified vehicle motors

2021-09-03 13:55:36| Green Car Congress

Tags: process university developed testing


ExxonMobil introduces EMRD renewable diesel process technology to enable high yields from bio-feedstocks

2021-09-02 11:55:36| Green Car Congress

Tags: high technology process enable


U Delaware team develops chemocatalytic process to convert waste polypropylene to lube oils

2021-08-27 09:55:37| Green Car Congress

Tags: process team waste delaware


PNNL, OSU, Lanzatech improving efficiency and cost of ethanol-to-jet process

2021-08-20 11:55:38| Green Car Congress

Tags: process cost efficiency improving


API Updates Standard for Measuring Process Safety Performance at Refineries, Petrochemical Plants

2021-08-17 22:35:55| OGI

RP 754 was designed to identify leading and lagging process safety indicators useful for driving operational safety and system sustainability improvements at downstream facilities.

Tags: process standard performance safety


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