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Siemon's New Category 6A GT UTP Cable Offers a Smaller Diameter and Improved Performance

2017-02-08 11:10:25| Siemon Press Release Feed

Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, today announced the expansion of its comprehensive line of copper cabling systems with the release of new Category 6A GT unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) balanced copper cable that offers a significantly smaller overall diameter and improved performance to better support advanced remote powering applications...

Tags: category offers performance improved


SD Cards Introduce Application Performance Rating

2017-02-08 11:05:18| PC Magazine Storage Devices Product Guide

A1 rated cards ensure read and write performance good enough to run apps.

Tags: rating application performance cards


Hexcel makes $10M 2nd round investment in 3D printing company Oxford Performance Materials

2017-02-08 10:55:42| Green Car Congress

Tags: company makes performance materials


New ORNL protocol reduces Li-ion battery formation time 6x or more without affecting battery performance

2017-02-08 10:55:42| Green Car Congress

Tags: time without performance formation


Researchers suggest approach for boosting Li-S performance; conversion of Li2S to sulfur without polysulfides

2017-02-08 10:55:41| Green Car Congress

Tags: without performance approach suggest


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