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US election 2020: Deadline looms for crucial US coronavirus relief

2020-10-20 18:20:49| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has set a Tuesday deadline for a deal to be reached before the election.

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Election update: We are in the homestretch.

2020-10-16 23:18:00| Beef

Check out our editorial coverage of the 2020 U.S. elections. Here are the latest headlines from Trump and Bidens camps.

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US election 2020: The young people struggling in the 2020 economy

2020-10-16 23:17:28| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

How the pandemic is changing the economic prospects and politics of America's young people.

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Oil and Gas Investor Policy Outcomes: Energy and the Election

2020-10-12 11:30:00| OGI

More or less regulation? Will the pace of climate change measures accelerate? What about Washington gridlock? When the polarized electorate chooses leaders, it will also choose a course for national energy policy.

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US election 2020: 'Trump's done what he said he would for business'

2020-10-05 01:08:04| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The US is facing its sharpest economic downturn in decades - but it's not hurting President Trump.

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