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Item 522 Reallocate property rights between the City and the Oregon Department of Transportation for jointly owned property along SW Naito Pkwy, immediately north of I-405, and waive the requirements of Disposition of City Real Property Policy

2021-06-25 17:49:43| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 453kbCategory: Current Agenda & Pending Items

Tags: the of rights policy


Item 521 Amend Title 17 Public Improvements Code to align with changes to the Residential Infill Project

2021-06-25 17:41:51| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 565kbCategory: Current Agenda & Pending Items

Tags: code public title item


Item 519 Amend Office of the Chief Administrative Officer Code in the Citys response to houselessness and urban camping related to the development of Safe Rest Villages as alternatives to high-impact encampments

2021-06-25 17:40:03| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 357kbCategory: Current Agenda & Pending Items

Tags: to related code office


Item 518 Amend Council Organization and Procedure Code to clarify attendance by electronic communication and meeting location

2021-06-25 17:30:16| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 384kbCategory: Current Agenda & Pending Items

Tags: location code item meeting


Item 517 Authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Multnomah County Department of Health Services for enforcement activities of specified animal regulations

2021-06-25 17:29:35| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 465kbCategory: Current Agenda & Pending Items

Tags: services health item agreement


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