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Summary of Historic Resources Code Project Proposals

2019-01-15 02:03:35| PortlandOnline

Overview of HRCP proposals (January 2019) PDF Document, 2,743kbCategory: Documents

Tags: code resources project summary


Discussion Draft Historic Resources Code Project

2019-01-15 02:02:05| PortlandOnline

HRCP Discussion Draft staff report and zoning code amendments (January 2019) PDF Document, 1,860kbCategory: Documents

Tags: code resources project discussion


Code Quiz of the Week: No. 160

2019-01-13 20:33:05| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

Take this weekly quiz to test your knowledge of the 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements. The Code Quiz features three questions that are presented in a True/False, Fill-in-the-Blank, or Multiple Choice format. The answer to each question

Tags: code week quiz code quiz


Code Change List

2019-01-10 02:19:20| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 122kbCategory: Handouts

Tags: list code change change code


Code Quiz: Equipment Operating at Over 1,000V Circuit Breakers

2019-01-09 23:32:21| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

For circuit breakers installed in equipment operating at over 1,000V, the interrupter rating of a circuit breaker shall not be less than the maximum fault current the circuit breaker will be required to interrupt, including _______ from all connected

Tags: code equipment operating circuit


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