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A Code Red for Humanity: More than 100 Beauty Brands Will Halt Social Media Posts on Sept. ...

2021-09-20 20:49:39| Happi Breaking News

Versed Skincare founding president Melanie Bender mobilized dozens of beauty brands to support the CodeRed4Climate campaign aimed to eliminate global warming.

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Draft ROW Code

2021-09-20 19:17:10| PortlandOnline

A PDF of the draft Right-Of-Way Code released 9/20/2021 PDF Document, 330kbCategory: ROW Code

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Portland ROW Code FAQ

2021-09-18 00:37:36| PortlandOnline

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Portlands Right-of-Way, Shifting From Individual Franchise Agreements/Utility License Code to a New Shared City Code

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How Technology Has Shaped Waste Operations and Code Enforcement

2021-08-24 14:30:00| Waste Age

There's no denying that advancements in technology have been the catalyst for operational efficiencies across virtually every industry. Just 25 years ago, a cacophony of sounds from clickers to papers was commonplace in waste collection. Micha

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2019 Oregon Fire Code

2021-08-05 20:23:01| PortlandOnline

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