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Georgetown moves to expel 2 students connected to admissions scandal

2019-05-15 21:25:00| American School & University

The Washington, D.C., university is one of several colleges where students gained admission through allegedly fraudulent means.

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Connected Signals launches cloud-based V2I systems

2019-05-03 12:56:59| Green Car Congress

Tags: systems connected signals launches


Why Connected Buildings are the Next Big Thing

2019-05-01 09:00:00| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

1. What is a Connected Building? Building management systems (BMS) emerged decades ago as the first integrated, computer-based solutions for reducing energy costs associated with lighting, HVAC, security, fire, electronics and other building functi

Tags: big thing connected buildings


Cattle nutrition, breeding and dominos. How are all three connected?

2019-05-01 02:00:00| Beef

When one domino falls over, the rest follow suit. Similarly, cattle nutrition can set off a chain reaction affecting your breeding program.

Tags: three connected nutrition cattle


Tetra TV launches advertising network for connected TV

2019-04-30 16:30:46| Digital TV News

Tetra TV has announced the launch of the industry's first connected TV-focused advertising network. Through pooling television ad inventory from more than 100 top streaming video content channels, Tetra TV delivers highly targeted campaigns at scale for advertisers.

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