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Collaborative robot maker Rethink Robotics shuts down

2018-10-10 21:18:43| Canadian Plastics Headlines

Founded in 2008 by Rodney Brooks, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rethink was known for its Baxter and Sawyer cobots. The post Collaborative robot maker Rethink Robotics shuts down appeared first on Canadian Plastics.

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'My robot makes me feel like I haven't been forgotten'

2018-08-31 01:22:38| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

How internet-connected robots are helping combat the scourge of isolation and loneliness.

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Human Rights Groups Amplify Call for 'Killer Robot' Ban

2018-08-30 14:00:00| TechNewsWorld

Leaders from Human Rights Watch and Harvard Law School's International Human Rights Clinic last week issued a dire warning that nations around the world haven't been doing enough to ban the development of autonomous weapons -- so-called "killer robots." The groups issued a joint report that calls for a complete ban on these systems before it becomes too late to act.

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The robot that watches as you cross the road

2018-08-28 14:58:31| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Jaguar Land Rover is using a self-driving robot to gauge the behaviour of people crossing the road.

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Kuri the cute home robot gets canned by Bosch

2018-07-25 15:24:28| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Production of Bosch's home robot is cancelled ahead of a planned release to retailers.

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