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Tapping AI for a Future of Better, Faster, Cheaper Gift Shopping

2019-12-02 19:38:40| TechNewsWorld

If you are like me, every Christmas you dread shopping because figuring out what everyone wants is a bit of a nightmare. You don't know what folks want in your price range. If you find out, there is no easy way to be sure they haven't bought it themselves, or that someone else didn't get it for them. Choosing sizes and colors adds to the nightmare. These problems aren't limited to Christmas.

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China urges faster pig breeding ahead of Lunar New Year celebrations

2019-11-18 10:12:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

China's agriculture minister Han Changfu has told officials to speed up their efforts to raise pig breeding numbers, while adding that supportive measures from Beijing are starting to take effect.

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Latest Ricardo Software release features faster analysis and electrified motorcycles

2019-10-21 10:55:42| Green Car Congress

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ICCT: aviation emissions increasing 70% faster than UN projections

2019-09-19 11:55:39| Green Car Congress

Tags: un increasing faster aviation


Tegra expands facilities for faster response at scale

2019-09-02 14:08:00| Daily apparel & textile news and comment - from just-style.com

Tegra, an integrated apparel manufacturing and supply chain provider working with companies like Nike to build a responsive vertical supply chain in the western hemisphere, has expanded its domestic and international facilities.

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