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Dutch Broadband 2019-Q3

2019-12-02 17:00:00| Telecompaper Reports

This report analyses developments in the third quarter of 2019 in the Dutch market for broadband internet access, focusing on mass market connections including consumer and SOHO (Small Office Home Office). The report further includes data on triple-play developments, fixed market revenues and broadband revenues. The findings are compared with results from previous periods. The analysis is based on Telecompaper's continuous research into the development of the Dutch broadband communication services market. The focus is on cable network operators (Ziggo, Delta, Caiway), DSL providers (KPN, T-Mobile, Tele2, Online.nl) and FTTH providers (including KPN, T-Mobile, Caiway).

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Irish government signs off on 3bn National Broadband Plan

2019-11-19 01:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

The Irish government has approved the much-debated National Broadband Plan, which will facilitate €3 billion of investment and provide high speed broadband access across the country…read more on TotalTele.com »

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Labour proposes nationalising BT to deliver free fibre broadband for all

2019-11-15 10:35:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) The Labour Party has pledged to deliver free fibre broadband for all by 2030 if it wins the general election next month in the UK. This would be achieved by bringing parts of BT into public ownership and creating a new British Broadband public service.

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General election 2019: Labour pledges 'free broadband for the country'

2019-11-14 23:00:30| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

John McDonnell said the party will bring free fibre broadband to every UK home by 2030 if it wins the election.

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General election 2019: Labour pledges free broadband for all

2019-11-14 23:00:02| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Labour would part-nationalise BT to deliver the policy and tax tech giants to help cover the 20bn cost.

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