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How bred cow nutrition affects body condition

2019-02-01 16:30:00| Beef

Are you gearing up for spring calving? A bred cows body condition affects everything from nutrition to performance. Here are some thoughts on why now is the best time to put weight on those cows.

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Why Intel Is in Such Horrid Condition

2019-01-28 20:22:29| TechNewsWorld

Intel released earnings last week. It beat expectations on the bottom line, but it missed big on the top line and the outlook was dismal. Looking under the covers, the company is a mess. The expected CEO announcement didn't occur. AMD's earnings are expected to be very strong, and AMD just made some organizational changes that suggest an increase in its competitive attack.

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Summary - Asset Status and Condition Report Card (2017)

2018-11-19 18:23:10| PortlandOnline

Accessible summary of the Asset Status and Condition Report Card for 2017 PDF Document, 121kbCategory: Assets Managed by the Portland Bureau of Transportation

Tags: report status card condition


Rental Market Condition Map

2018-10-23 00:33:15| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 579kbCategory: Gentrification and Displacement Study

Tags: map market condition rental


For-sale Real Estate Market Condition Map

2018-10-23 00:32:49| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 580kbCategory: Gentrification and Displacement Study

Tags: map real estate market


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