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US Apparel Imports in Jan-Sep 2018: China vs. Rest of World (Statistical Report)

2018-11-20 20:25:03| EmergingTextiles.com

China has once again lost shares of the US apparel market in the first three quarters of the year. Because of their inability of further lowering prices, Chinese exporters have suffered from competition from other nations, especially in man-made fiber apparel categories where they were supposed to have a decisive advantage. This is reflected by our statistical review comparing US apparel imports from China with shipments from Rest of the World (RoW) for every category of products, in volume, value and unit value terms. Historical data cover the first half of the past five years, from 2013-2018.

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Wool Prices in Australia (Weekly Report)

2018-11-20 20:25:03| EmergingTextiles.com

Wool prices have apparently stabilized in certain micron categories whereas less sharply falling in other categories, this week in Australia. Depending on categories and markets, prices have moved in very different directions with currency variations also playing their role. Our report delivers a comprehensive view of wool prices in Australia, with a long list of micron types in A$, US$ and euro terms. Historical charts are also available, such as downloadable historical data. Links to weekly market reports in New Zealand and South Africa are provided.

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China Yarn Prices: Domestic and Import Markets (Weekly Report)

2018-11-20 18:25:13| EmergingTextiles.com

China's yarn market remains very depressed with operating rates being progressively lowered at spinning and weaving mills in order to limit the fall of prices and margins. Spun polyester and viscose prices have sharply dropped, in line with the decline of fiber prices. Our weekly report covers the China yarn domestic and import market indicators, as well as local market prices in Qianqing and Shaoxing (Zhejiang). Prices of a large number of counts are released for spun cotton, polyester, viscose and blends. Import prices are also available for yarns from India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Vietnam. Domestic and import yarn prices are compared. All data are available for download.

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Textile Fiber Price Comparison (Monthly Report)

2018-11-20 18:25:13| EmergingTextiles.com

Textile fiber prices are now falling on the international and domestic markets. The overall drop has been triggered by a very sharp decline of polyester prices in China, followed by viscose in the past two weeks. Cotton prices are less dramatically declining, whereas wool has tumbled from its peak levels of the past summer. Acrylic fibers have until now resisted whatever the free fall of acrylonitrile. Our tables and charts offer a 12-month price comparison of most used textile fibers, including cotton, polyester, viscose, wool, acrylic and nylon, all being available for download on a weekly basis through our historical csv file.

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China Textile & Clothing Production Costs (Country Report)

2018-11-19 19:24:52| EmergingTextiles.com

Production prices are rising at a lower pace in China, reflecting the fall of the economic growth in the country. Business activity is now threatened by major issues, including the trade war with the US, or the fight against pollution and shadow banking. Textile and apparel data are however much more contrasted with clothing exports currently rebounding. Our statistical report offers a comprehensive view of production costs and consumer prices in China, including in textile and clothing sectors. Labor costs in major provinces are also being followed.

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