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Clothing and games push up UK shop prices

2020-07-15 09:10:41| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Consumer price inflation rises slightly to 0.6% in June, although food prices fell.

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Why Hollywood needs computer games tech more than ever

2020-07-10 01:07:19| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The same technology that runs computer games is increasingly popular for making films and television.

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The gaming boss who gets addicted to the games

2020-07-06 01:01:59| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Andrew Day, the CEO of games developer Keywords Studios, tries not to play the titles himself.

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The Old Ball Games

2020-06-30 20:30:49| Country Lines Online

By Carol Higgins, Midwest Energy & Communications member I was born in 1954, the oldest of eight. We didnt go many places together, but my parents taught us the value of hard work. Our farm family lived over five miles from the nearest town, but only a quarter of a mile from our community church. […] The post The Old Ball Games appeared first on Michigan Country Lines Magazine.

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Coronavirus: What we spent on lockdown toys and games

2020-06-10 01:03:28| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The value of UK toy sales was up 17% in the two months from the beginning of lockdown, analysts say.

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