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Apple introduces new generation iPad Mini and iPad Air

2019-03-18 17:00:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) Apple has announced new versions of its iPad Air and iPad Mini, after several years of the older models on the market. This completes the new range started with the low-cost Apple iPad 9.7 and high-end iPad Pro models launched last year.  

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Qualcomm awarded USD 31 mln in damages in Apple patent infringement suit

2019-03-18 08:58:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) Qualcomm announced that a jury in the US District Court for the Southern District of California found that the Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X infringe two Qualcomm patents, and the Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X also infringe a third patent. The jury awarded Qualcomm USD 31 million in damages for infringement of the patents from July 2017, when the lawsuit was filed, through the end of the trial. 

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Last week in media: Snap outperforms, Spotify battles Apple and platforms feel regulatory heat

2019-03-18 07:00:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) Walt Disney scored high at the box office with its latest Marvel movie and it announced the closing date for the 21st Century Fox takeover. The Modern Times Group hosted two capital market days, one for its own games-related activities and one for the VOD-centered NENT Group, soon to be spun off. Alphabet and Facebook came under regulatory fire in more than one way. Spotfy clashed with Apple over the latter's App Store revenue share. All in all, things turned out well for the Telecompaper Stock Index Global Consumer Media, ending week 11 up 2.2 percent. It outstripped the Dow Jones Industrials index (+1.1%).

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Apple fined $31m, as court rules in Qualcomm's favour

2019-03-18 01:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

A Californian court has ruled that Apple's iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X models infringe a number of Qualcomm patents, awarding the US based chip maker $31m in damages. The damages awarded represent a premium of $1.41 per unit sold in the US since Qualcomm originally filed the lawsuit on the 6th July 2017…read more on TotalTele.com »

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Spotify files complaint against Apple with EU over app store 'tax'

2019-03-13 14:33:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) Spotify has filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission, saying the company benefits from unfair competition on its App Store as Apple favours certain apps, namely its own, over others. Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek said Apple acts as "both a player and referee" and that it purposely limits choice, to the deliberate disadvantage of other app developers.

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