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2018-03-13 21:00:18| Cattle Today

Occasionally cattle suffer fractures, and it's generally a leg bone. Often it's a young or newborn calf, and the fractured limb should be cast or splinted.

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2016-11-22 23:14:09| PortlandOnline

3928 N MISSISSIPPI AVE - COMMENTS DUE 12-18-16 PDF Document, 515kbCategory: Inner Northeast Portland (NECN)

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Multilateral well stimulation: bones of a revolution

2016-06-13 01:00:00| Offshore Technology

An innovative new technology from Fishbones AS called multilateral well stimulation could provide a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to fracturing. With challenges in the North Sea always requiring new technologies, could this be a valua

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Ancient bones point to shifting grassland species as climate changes

2016-03-26 16:02:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

ScienceDaily: More rainfall during the growing season may have led to one of the most significant changes in Earth's vegetation in the distant past, and similar climate changes could affect the distribution of plants in the future as well, a new study suggests. In a report in Science Advances, an analysis was done of mammoth and bison hair, teeth and bones, along with other data. It concludes that a changing climate -- particularly increasing rainfall and not just atmospheric carbon dioxide -- explains the expansion...

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Construction crews at Oregon State University unearth mammoth bones at stadium expansion site

2016-01-28 23:48:00| American School & University

Bones of animals more than 10,000 years old are found in the north end zone of the football stadium read more

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