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The young Norwegians taking their own country to court over oil

2020-11-04 01:06:54| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Despite Norway's green credentials, its infamous state wealth is due to its huge oil exports. This week, Norwegian youths are challenging this double standard in the Supreme Court.

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Covid: Post-furlough unemployment 'hits young and ethnic minorities'

2020-10-28 03:16:16| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

These groups were more likely to be made unemployed after being placed on furlough, a report suggests.

Tags: young hits ethnic unemployment


US election 2020: The young people struggling in the 2020 economy

2020-10-16 23:17:28| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

How the pandemic is changing the economic prospects and politics of America's young people.

Tags: people young economy election


Coronavirus: How to survive a pandemic as a young entrepreneur

2020-10-01 03:12:36| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

'We've learnt to be agile': Emily, Keaton and Zoe share their tips

Tags: young survive entrepreneur pandemic


Young people give up dream job hope in pandemic

2020-09-29 01:53:32| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The coronavirus crisis has eroded young people's confidence in the future, says the Prince's Trust.

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