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Domino's Pizza app must be accessible to blind people

2019-01-16 16:27:41| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

A blind man had complained that he was unable to change toppings or complete his order online.

Tags: people accessible blind pizza


How can young people save on rail fares in 2019?

2019-01-02 12:31:29| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

New railcards being launched this year should mean significant savings for anyone aged under 30.

Tags: in people save young


Police Bureau Hiring New Liaison to Work with Homeless People

2018-12-22 00:12:36| PortlandOnline

Pamplin Media Group, December 17, 2018

Tags: work people police bureau


Why are people spending less this Christmas?

2018-12-14 01:00:34| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Brexit uncertainty and rising prices in shops are influencing consumers' shopping habits in the run-up to Christmas.

Tags: this people christmas spending


The Germans solving rising rents with people power

2018-12-12 01:11:26| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Living in gentrified areas of Munich is getting pricey - but these renters say they have the answer.

Tags: people power rising solving


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