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The Consumer IoT's Boon for the Insurance Industry

2018-11-28 21:28:01| TechNewsWorld

Smart home and consumer IoT solutions promise significant opportunities for the insurance industry in terms of reducing costs, alleviating risks, deepening customer engagement, and creating new services and revenue streams. There are many barriers ahead to overcome, but given the tremendous upside, insurance companies have begun attacking these challenges with a multi-tiered strategy.

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Facebook's Clear History Privacy Option: Boon or Sop?

2018-05-03 19:28:25| TechNewsWorld

Facebook plans to offer members a tool that to prevent tracking of their online activity outside the network. The Clear History feature will allow users to see which websites and applications send Facebook information when they use them, delete the data and prevent Facebook from collecting and storing it in the future. It will take a few months to build the tool, Facebook said.

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A $1 Billion Real Estate Boon Near Newark Commuter Station

2018-04-30 19:25:30| National Real Estate Investor

SJP and Aetna, both based in New York, envision offices, stores, a hotel, homes and a large public plaza next to the Broad Street hub.

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The Tax Bill Is a Clear Boon to the CRE Industry. Will It Prove Too Much of a Good Thing?

2017-12-20 20:16:28| National Real Estate Investor

Industry analysts predict the new tax code will strengthen demand in the multifamily sector and spur corporations to put more money into real estate assets and new development.

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Researchers discover pathway to optimize performance of lithium-rich cathodes; potential boon for EVs

2017-12-12 16:56:02| Green Car Congress

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