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Researchers in Korea propose graphene/Ni foam as Li metal storage medium for advanced batteries

2019-01-07 10:57:06| Green Car Congress

Tags: advanced metal medium storage


China team uses LiPON coating to protect Li metal anode in Li-S batteries

2018-12-19 12:56:52| Green Car Congress

Tags: team china metal protect


Volkswagen Toolmaking opens 3-D printing center; HP Metal Jet binder jetting system

2018-12-12 11:57:18| Green Car Congress

Tags: system center metal printing


CSIRO to partner with Fortescue on hydrogen technologies; focus on metal membrane technology

2018-11-23 11:56:58| Green Car Congress

Tags: technology partner focus metal


ADDITIVE METAL MANUFACTURING wants to make you more competitive

2018-11-22 18:35:14| Canadian Plastics Headlines

This Concord, Ont.-based engineering and design consulting firm is rewriting the book on mold heat removal by 3D printing inserts with complex cooling channels that can dramatically cut cycle times and consolidate manufacturing processes. And it might just be the kick in the pants that Canadas plastics processors need to start kicking butt globally. The post ADDITIVE METAL MANUFACTURING wants to make you more competitive appeared first on Canadian Plastics.

Tags: you make metal manufacturing


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