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PET Technologies is making inroads in the U.S.

2018-11-27 19:26:38| Canadian Plastics Headlines

The Austrian blow molding machine maker has just sold a unit to its second American customer, pet industry provider Moderna Products. The post PET Technologies is making inroads in the U.S. appeared first on Canadian Plastics.

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Fed Cattle Recap | Cash prices rally, especially on the Southern Plains

2018-11-27 16:43:00| Beef

Cash prices for fed cattle on the Southern Plains hit $117 on larger volume.

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Good nutrition, management can’t replace antibiotics, but they can help reduce the need

2018-11-27 01:00:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

Producers looking to raise pigs with little or no antibiotics should consider nutritional strategies that help pigs build more immunity, according to Mike Tokach, PhD, a professor and swine nutrition specialist at Kansas State University.

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News Blog: How do you walk, bike and roll in SW? Tell us at the Southwest in Motion Open House!

2018-11-26 23:24:42| PortlandOnline

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The end of the Anheuser-Busch InBev affair, the sale of Diageo's tail and the success of C&C Group in 2018 - The just-drinks Analyst

2018-11-26 11:23:00| Daily beverage news and comment - from just-drinks.com

Ian Shackleton is about to put the lid on his 2018, but not before, in his guise as just-drinks' resident analyst, he ponders the investor view of Anheuser-Busch InBev, Diageo and his tip at the start of this year, C&C Group.

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