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California cattle producers beef up states cattle business

2019-04-17 20:33:00| Beef

With a new California Cattle Council now in play, the states beef producers will up the ante in research and education.

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States where schools spend the most on administration

2019-04-16 17:36:00| American School & University

Nationwide, the average per pupil spending for general administration in fiscal 2016 was $226.

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Trumps Order Seeks To Curtail States Ability To Delay Energy Projects

2019-04-10 22:08:59| OGI

President Trumps attempt to circumvent the power of states under the Clean Water Act is considered to be problematic, says expert.

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Trump Orders To Stop States From Delaying Energy Projects

2019-04-10 12:51:42| OGI

President Trump's expected executive orders today are reported to direct the EPA to change a part of the Clean Water Act that has allowed states to delay pipeline projects.

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States with most students attending preschool or nursery school

2019-04-09 19:24:00| American School & University

The U.S. Census Bureau's 2017 American Community Survey estimates that 4.9 million children were enrolled in nursery school or preschool in 2017.

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