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10 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Retirement to a Scam

2018-11-19 18:24:26| TechNewsWorld

Several years ago, my wife and I invested in a project called "Sanctuary Belize" and, like many of the investors, we were incredibly excited about the prospect of retiring in paradise. After a time, things just weren't adding up. The company supposedly put controls in place to reverse course, but we exited the project. As it turned out, those controls either were not put in place or failed.

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Feeder cattle prices drop, less cattle came to town

2018-11-19 15:30:45| Beef

Feeder cattle prices were $3-8 lower this week.

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New Flyers 60' electric Bus Rapid Transit models become the first and only to complete FTA Altoona Testing

2018-11-16 10:57:12| Green Car Congress

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'How Amazon helped me transition to a woman'

2018-11-16 01:04:49| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Sophie Roberts is a software developer at the tech giant who came out at work in October.

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European Parliament backs CO2 emissions cuts for trucks; 35% by 2030; 20% of new HDVs to be zero- or low-emissions by 2030

2018-11-15 06:57:34| Green Car Congress

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