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Capital facilities information handover standard face-to-face meeting

2018-07-18 10:29:18| Oil IT Journal - www.oilit.com

Enthusiastic CFIHOS attendees hear from parallel initiatives (Mimosa, DEXPI, EPIM-STI) and on owner-operator deployment issues.

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Archive Information Analysis

2018-07-17 11:27:19| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

Specific Tasks Task 1 Erasmus Experiment Archive EEA 1. Continuous maintenance of the standard content and experiment records for historical and ongoing missionscampaigns 2. Search for relevant content e.g. publications, organisations, institutions, web, compare, evaluate and structure content for the experiment entries 3. Contact scientists internally or externally in coordination with HRER Project Scientists, in case clarifications are needed 4. Updating and reworking old and less maintained entries 5. Implementing new research platforms such as resulting from international cooperation 6. Actively searching for reference publications and related multimedia material in relation to individual EEA records. Establish an efficient information exchange with HRER Project Scientists in that respect 7. Using graphicdesign software for the production or improvement of multimedia illustrations. Evaluating the content of multimedia material relating to the various research platforms, in order to meaningfully log and archive material within an appropriate context 8. Contributing to measures and the improvement of the EEA database structure and functionalities 9. Promote the use of the EEA as the reference source or information on ESAs and if possible global low gravity research. Task 2 Archive scientist function in support to HRE data dissemination, valorisation and longterm preservation process 1. Actively monitoring the activities of the HRE Science Data Center SDC 2. Extracting the EEArelevant metadata information from the Experiment to Archive Interface Control Document EAICD of each experiment prior to mission execution phase. The EAICD documents describe in detail the nature of the science deliverables, and associated metadata, and is prepared by the HRE Science Data Center, with the expert support of the science teams and the HRER Project Scientists 3. Ensuring that EEA entries and SDC information are adequately crossreferenced upon data dissemination phase. In case science results from data valorisation are communicated to ESA, that the EEA records shall be updated accordingly 4. Contributing to the HRE archiving reporting in the frame of the LongTerm Data Heritage LTDP programme 5. Maintaining a good understanding and consolidating an overview of the data valorisation initiatives efforts supported by other space research entities e.g. thematic research databanks. Requirements 1. Senior level of technical and scientific writing skills and very good command of the English language both written and spoken. Knowledge of other European languages will be considered an asset. 2. Highly developed capability in complex information analysis. 3. Outstanding structured and selforganising work attitude including attention to detail. 4. High degree of desktop computer literacy MSOffice products particularly Word, PowerPoint, Excel and graphic programmes and web layout software. Knowledge of relational database concepts will be considered an asset. 5. Advanced userexperience in web publishing and content management software. 6. Good communication skills with preference for networking and community building. 7. Extensive knowledge of the directorates programmes, projects and visions along with trends and tendencies in the international space community. Indepth and comprehensive knowledge of HRE programmes, working procedures and key players in the organisation are considered an asset 8. Experience in the communicationsmedia sector is an asset.

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PSC News: July 24, 2018 Meeting Information

2018-07-12 21:20:00| PortlandOnline

Residential Infill Project Work Session

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Information Systems Supervisor

2018-07-11 18:42:52| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 371kbCategory: Draft Non-Rep Classification Specifications

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PSC News: July 10, 2018 Meeting Information

2018-07-10 19:32:17| PortlandOnline

R/W #8471 Consent; Manufactured Dwelling Parks Zoning Project Work Session / Recommendation; Residential Infill Project Work Session

Tags: information news july meeting


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