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DR to use content delivery and UX platform from Massive

2018-10-26 11:00:41| Digital TV News

DR, Denmarks national public service broadcaster, has selected Massive Interactive to overhaul its OTT streaming service. The OTT service, called DRTV, has been redesigned from the ground up to refresh its core offering for consumers across the country.

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CARB approves $483M funding plan for clean transportation investments; 94% of funding from cap-and-trade

2018-10-26 10:57:08| Green Car Congress

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What Can We Expect From AI?

2018-10-25 20:13:40| TechNewsWorld

Fear mongering about killer robots and the recent deaths connected with Uber and Tesla autonomous vehicles have rekindled concerns about AI in the machines around us. We are well beyond answering Alan Turing's question, "can machines think?" There is now good reason to ask how we should think of AI, and what we should expect from it. There have been phenomenal advances in just the past few years.

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21/11/2018 to 21/11/2018 - Automation and AI - inspiration and examples from FM & beyond

2018-10-22 11:28:13| BIFM Events

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Can Toys R Us and Bon-Ton Come Back from the Dead?

2018-10-11 11:28:07| National Real Estate Investor

Toys R Us lenders have called off a bankruptcy auction and are looking at opening new stores under the old brand name.

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