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United States: Climate change, runaway development worsen Houston floods

2016-05-19 16:00:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

Associated Press: With clay soil and tabletop-flat terrain, Houston has endured flooding for generations. Its 1,700 miles of man-made channels struggle to dispatch storm runoff to the Gulf of Mexico. Now the nation's fourth-largest city is being overwhelmed with more frequent and more destructive floods. The latest calamity occurred April 18, killing eight people and causing tens of millions of dollars in damage. The worsening floods aren't simple acts of nature or just costly local concerns. Federal taxpayers...

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United States: Chicago better poised survive climate change New York or LA

2016-04-22 13:05:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

Chicago Reader: America's coastal cities are in for a serious pounding over the course of the next 100 years, thanks to the ravages of climate change. Catastrophic flooding events along the east coast are projected to at least double by 2030, according to a 2014 report from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Across 76 pages and in more than 200 footnotes, the MIT-based group suggests that the mid-Atlantic region will be particularly hard hit: by 2030, Washington, D.C., will see more than 150 tidal floods annually....

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United States: San Francisco mandates solar panels on new buildings

2016-04-22 01:54:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

Grist: Never mind that San Francisco is known for waves of fog rolling in from the bay. This week, it became the first major city in the United States to mandate solar panels on new buildings with fewer than 10 floors. The Better Roofs Ordinance, unanimously approved by the city`s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, builds off of existing California law that requires 15 percent of new rooftops to be "solar ready." Now, those solar-ready roofs will have to include functioning solar panels. While it`s...

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United States: Everyone has the right to breathe

2016-04-21 16:00:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

Washington Post: Residents of just four American metropolitan areas have had regular access to healthy air in recent years. Those four places -- Burlington-South Burlington, Vt.; Honolulu; Elmira-Corning, N.Y.; and Salinas, Calif. -- had the pleasure of breathing air consistently free of unhealthy ozone, short-term particle and year-round particle pollution from 2012 to 2014, according to a new national air quality report card from the American Lung Association. The air everywhere else was less consistently...

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United States: LA plagued by nation's worst ozone pollution

2016-04-21 07:41:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

CBS: "Central Coast residents can certainly be proud of the air quality progress in their region", said Olivia Diaz-Lapham, CEO of the American Lung Association in California. That bucks a nationwide trend of lower particle pollution. The Colorado Front Range from Colorado Springs to Greeley and Fort Collins gets a failing grade on ozone pollution, an annual report card on air quality said Wednesday. Increased heat, changes in weather patterns, drought and wildfires are all related to climate change,...

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