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Why Japan's coastal zones might be disappearing due to climate change

2017-07-13 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] As G20 Summit 2017 drew to a close, the issue of climate change divided the world. As it happened, 19 of the 20 leaders were able to agree on all points made in the joint declaration (known as the communique)—with the exception of Donald Trump, who could not agree on climate change; thus resulting in 'G19' (i.e. G20 sans the United States) releasing a joint statement on climate change. Leaving politics aside, for the people around the world who inhabit as much as 71% of the w…

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Better Housing by Design: Changing the rules to improve apartment development and allow other types of housing in multi-dwelling zones

2017-06-30 01:26:15| PortlandOnline

Residential zones outside the Central City, where two or more units are allowed, are called multi-dwelling zones. In these neighborhoods youll see everything from apartment buildings and fourplexes to courtyard apartments and duplexes.

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Mexico CRE approves 10% ethanol blend in country except for three metropolitan zones

2017-06-27 14:56:04| Green Car Congress

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33.340 Environmental Overlay Zones

2017-06-22 23:41:51| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 629kbCategory: Part 3: Environmental and Scenic

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33.480 Scenic Resources Zones

2017-06-22 23:41:21| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 229kbCategory: Part 3: Environmental and Scenic

Tags: resources zones scenic


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