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Battle of the Generations - The fight for iGen, Millennial, Gen X and Baby Boomer consumers

2017-02-01 15:09:00| Beverage industry market research - from just-drinks.com

Different consumer age groups now have very different expectations and relationships with brands. Understanding what those are, and developing ways to influence them, is becoming increasingly crucial

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LG, Mediatek Break Qualcomm's Hold on Sprint With LG X Power

2016-09-16 22:02:09| PC Magazine Cell Phones Product Guide

Sprint's LG X Power has a huge battery and a Mediatek modem that may unleash a world of cheap, unlocked phones.

Tags: x power hold break


Report: Tesla is prepping larger 100kWh batteries for its Model S and Model X

2016-08-16 13:30:41| Extremetech

Tesla is reportedly prepping new batteries and plans to boost existing Model S and X's.

Tags: s x report model


Green Commuter unveils vanpool and car share service in LA with Tesla Model X

2016-07-26 16:56:01| Green Car Congress

Tags: service x share car


Lloyd Brothers Motorsport and Johnny Lewis Team Up at AMA Pro Flat Track & Flat Track X Games

2016-07-22 02:42:29| K&N Racing News

A short season won’t stop the Lloyd brothers from competing at the top level in this year’s series.

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