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The future is SMART for the submarine cable industry

2020-07-02 02:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

If the COVID-19 pandemic has proven anything, it is that connectivity really is at the heart of our daily lives, both at work and at home. The vast majority of this connectivity is facilitated by the submarine cables that span vast distances, connecting continents and ensuring seamless data dialogue between nations.   It is precisely the scale of these cable deployments that make them an ideal opportunity for oceanic monitoring…read more on TotalTele.com »

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African telcos unify over COVID-19 mobile platform

2020-07-02 02:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

Quick and easy access to public health information is key to dealing with any healthcare crisis and this has proven true on a massive scale with regards to the coronavirus pandemic. For many countries around the world, this information will primarily be delivered via the internet, but this strategy is much less effective in regions like Africa…read more on TotalTele.com »

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US eyes on Ericsson and Nokia but could Japan offer a 5G solution?

2020-07-02 02:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

Earlier this week, the Federal Communications Commission  fired its latest shots across Huawei’s bow, designating the Chinese company and fellow vendor ZTE as ‘security threats’ and further driving a wedge between the US and China when it comes to 5G.   Beyond the obvious political ramifications of this decision, the constantly growing tension is creating a serious issue for the US when it comes the next generation technology…read more on TotalTele.com »

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Dish enters US mobile market with takeover of Boost Mobile

2020-07-01 17:07:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) Dish Network has completed the takeover of Boost Mobile from T-Mobile for USD 1.4 billion, marking its entry on the US retail mobile market. The sale of the brand is part of the conditions agreed by T-Mobile US with regulators to gain clearance for its takeover of Sprint. 

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UK's CMA calls for new regulatory regime to tackle market power of Google, Facebook

2020-07-01 16:15:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) The UK Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) has published its final report of a market study into online platforms and digital advertising. It has concluded that competition in these markets is not working well, leading to substantial harm for consumers and society. 

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Category: Telecommunications

Norlys plans to enter Danish mobile market via alliance or acquisition

2020-07-01 09:41:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) Danish fibre operator Norlys, formed in 2019 by the merger of Eniig and SE/Stofa, has announced its intention to expand into the mobile communications market in order to be able to offer a comprehensive service. Its board has authorised it to enter talks with Denmark's largest mobile operators with a view to an alliance or acquisition. It has not yet committed itself to any one particular partner or operating model

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Spanish govt approves EUR 150 mln FTTH funding for digital divide areas

2020-07-01 09:34:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) Spain's council of ministers has approved a plan to allocate EUR 150 million in funding this year to bring high-speed FTTH to underserved areas. Under the PEBA-NGA programme, the government intends to increase superfast broadband coverage at speeds of between 300 Mbps and 1 Gbps to 91.24 percent of the Spanish population and 75.29 percent of rural areas by the end of 2021.

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EU approves definition of small cells exempt from local permits

2020-07-01 09:30:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) The European Commission has adopted a regulation defining small cells. This is expected to facilitate the roll-out of 5G networks, making it easier for operators to deploy antennas without the need for local permits. 

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YouTube TV raises monthly price by 30%

2020-07-01 09:08:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) YouTube TV announced an increase in its monthly subscription price, to USD 65 from USD 50, to support the rising costs of content. The price applies from 30 June for new subscribers, while existing customers will pay the higher rate from 30 July. 

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FCC confirms Huawei, ZTE as national security threat

2020-07-01 08:55:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) The Federal Communications Commission has confirmed ZTE and Huawei are threats to US national security. As a result, US operators may not use federal funds to purchase equipment from the Chinese companies. 

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