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About us SCISYS Deutschland GmbH in its Engineering Services business provides professional engineering and consultancy services supporting space programmes and missions. Our team is composed of university graduates and experienced professionals, comprising some of the most knowledgeable, dedicated and talented engineers across Europe. Our services cover the whole life cycle of space programmes from early concepts to operations. For our Space Division located in Darmstadt we are looking for a Radio Occultation Analysis and Processing Service to work at EUMETSAT. Tasks Radio Occultation soundings have become an important contributor to WMOs Global Observing System and fulfil key roles in both Numerical Weather Prediction NWP and Climate Monitoring. With an increasing amount of RO data becoming available from various satellites and instruments, the consistent processing of these data sets as well as their systematic validation and intercomparison is becoming increasingly important. Therefore EUMETSAT continues to develop its multimission RO processing capability in support of the regular reprocessing of RO data from its own as well as 3rdparty RO missions. Apart from supporting the actual generation of consistently processed longterm RO data sets to its users in NWP and Climate Monitoring, the analysis and intercomparison of data sets from different missions and with different algorithms regularly results in insights and an improved understanding of instrument and data characteristics. These, in turn, often lead to improvements in the data processing and uncertainty characterisation of the data. Within the RO Processing and Analysis Service, the contractor will participate in Systematic statistical analyses and validation of various RO data sets during the development and application of EUMETSATs RO Science Processor in the context of RO reprocessing The development and refinement of the uncertainty characterisation of RO data The implementation and evolution of existing and future RO processing algorithms, in particular of wave optics approaches applied to tropospheric RO data. The contractor will further provide technical support for the implementation of newly developed and validated RO algorithms in EUMETSATs operational processing chains and the actual reprocessing of multimission RO data. In the later part of the contract, the contractor will also support the formal validation of EUMETSATs reprocessed RO data sets. The Contractor shall provide technical and scientific support for the activities described above. This support consists of tasks such as Performing statistical analyses of RO data sets in comparison to other RO as well as NWP data Implementing, testing and documenting modifications to EUMETSATs existing RO Reference Processor Supporting reprocessing activities of multiyear RO data sets both technically and scientifically Performing validation activities for EUMETSATs reprocessed RO data sets Contributing to andor writing reports, presentations and peerreviewed papers presenting the results of these activities. Requirements In addition to having a University degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline, the key person shall have experience in the processing and scientific analysis of remote sensing data, and ideally of RO data. In addition, the key person shall have the following mandatory experience and background Experience in RO and other remote sensing product validation methods Knowledge of RO wave optics processing andor simulation algorithms Very good skills in a higher programming language, in particular Python using scientific numpy, scipy and plotting matplotlib packages Good interpersonal skills in support of team work. Desirable requirements The following areas of expertise would be an advantage Experience in the field of NWP or climate monitoring Experience in scientific programming using other programming languages such as CC or modern Fortran Knowledge of R, SQL, and other Unix scripting languages Knowledge about other aspects of RO data processing, e.g. Precise Orbit Determination. Other information Start date is as soon as possible. To apply online please visit www.scisys.despacejobs

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