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POSITION ID 3039 ROLEFUNCTION System Manager in Darmstadt, Germany GENERAL CONDITIONS START ASAP LOCATION Darmstadt TYPE OF BUSINESS Aerospace CONTRACT FullTime Employment WORKING LANGUAGE English, French is considered an advantage DEADLINE 30 June 2017 MUSTHAVE SKILLSMANDATORY In addition to having a University degree in Science or Engineering, the key person shall have following mandatory skills Demonstrated experience of at least ten years in the development and operations of large and complex systems, preferably for Earth Observation. This experience shall include a minimum of 7 years in a key managerial and system level position, and management experience of an endtoend chain Proven ability to manage complex system developments, set up and manage development teams accordingly, and juggle with multiple constraints Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, combined with strong leadership and team working skills. DUTIES The main duties of the post will be as follows Manage the EPSSG System team and all activities related to the EPSSG System, including proactive interactions with all CLIENT teams involved, to ensure that the system activities proceed smoothly. Maintain the EPSSG EndUser Requirements Document in consultation with the representatives of the user community and the System Requirements Document, to ensure that the system requirements are compliant with the enduser requirements. Maintain and implement the System Development Plan, including all plans for activities that are specific to each instrument functional chain, in close coordination with all Programme partners. Follow up the development of all segments satellite, instruments, ground segment, launch and LEOP services to ensure overall system consistency, compliance with all specified end to end performances and that the system can be operated according to the defined scenarios, including identification of possible problems or nonconformances and proposing recovery actions. Ensure that all system deliveries for instrument functional chain activities are provided on time, and that all system test tools and data are developed in time for test activities. Perform all necessary system design and development activities, including architectural design, system model maintenance, allocation of system requirements to segments, definition of external and internal interfaces definition of data processing algorithm specifications, preparation and maintenance of end to end performance budget, design tradeoffs, definition of operational scenario and preparation of control room layouts, specification of system test tools and data sets. Formalise all system design information in the System Design Documents, system model and technical notes. Maintain the System IVV Plan and execute all activities foreseen to integrate, verify and validate the EPSSG System. At the time of system handover to routine operations, demonstrate that all system requirements have been verified. Define, develop and validate all procedures necessary to operate the EPSSG System, operate the system during pre and postlaunch testing and commissioning Ensure that the routine operations teams are qualified to operate the system at the time of handover to routine operations. Organise and perform all system reviews as necessary. Support Programme management and participate in external and internal meetings, including coordination with Programme management disciplines such as project control and configuration management. Coordination with the System Managers of other LEO Programmes. Support meetings of the Client Council and other Delegate Bodies.

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