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Im devastated theres no support for me

2020-03-26 22:38:30| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Some self-employed workers will fall through the net, while others say they need the help sooner.

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A Twickenham escort is always there to help me feel better about everything.

2020-03-12 22:13:47| Cellular News Network

Making sense of the situation that is happening in my life can sometimes turn out to be impossible to do. There are just not many people that can do anything about the problems that I am having it feels like. But the more great things have come with a Twickenham …

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'I'm the boss and part time, don't call me slacker'

2020-02-25 01:01:10| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

About a million people in senior-level jobs work part time, according to official figures.

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'She was beautiful, funny - and she scammed me'

2020-02-11 12:40:22| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

One man tells of how he was tricked in a romance scam as banks warn 8m was lost by victims in six months.

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The reality is only a Holloway escort can love me.

2020-01-20 19:03:40| Cellular News Network

Being aggressive with a woman has always been a very big flaw that I have as a person. I did not know how to act better that’s why I’ve always had a short relationship with someone. it gets hard to see myself slowly getting depressed and deteriorate as a person …

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