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Feb. 14th, 2020- statewide social equity framework for cannabis licensing and reinvestment of cannabis tax revenue (HB 4088)

2020-02-14 23:41:21| PortlandOnline

Tags: feb social tax equity


It's Time for a Social Media and Disinformation Reckoning: ECT News Roundtable, Episode 6

2020-02-13 21:23:57| TechNewsWorld

Can social media be saved? Can democracy be saved? The first question may seem less compelling than the second, but to some very worried observers, they are intimately entwined. Social networking -- on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a host of other online networks -- is the root of all current cultural evils, in the eyes of some critics. Undeniably, social networks offer positive experiences too.

Tags: time news media social


Ofcom set to be given power to police social media in UK

2020-02-12 00:17:52| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Tech firms will need to ensure that illegal content is quickly removed from their platforms.

Tags: in set media power


Modeling Contagion Through Social Networks to Explain and Predict Gunshot Violence

2020-02-06 21:42:35| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 1,045kbCategory: Gun Violence Reduction Team

Tags: social networks explain violence


Researchers calculate social cost of German nuclear phase-out at $12B/year; 70% from increased mortality risk

2020-01-27 10:55:45| Green Car Congress

Tags: social cost increased german


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