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Office of Equity and Human Rights seeks Director

2018-10-30 21:04:26| PortlandOnline

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Human Knowledge to Escape Earth's Boundaries

2018-10-30 16:58:22| TechNewsWorld

SpaceChain has teamed with the Arch Mission Foundation to use open source technology to launch an ambitious project involving the storage of large data sets in spacecraft and on other planets. Arch Mission will load large quantities of data onto SpaceChain's satellite vehicles with the eventual aim of storing data on other planets. The joint effort will help launch the Earth Library.

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3rd Quarter 2018 - Chief Human Resources Officer

2018-10-24 19:56:33| PortlandOnline

3rd Quarter 2018 - Chief Human Resources Officer PDF Document, 234kbCategory: HR Director Serilda Summers-McGee

Tags: resources human chief officer


Business "dragging its feet" on human rights globally

2018-10-22 16:12:00| Daily apparel & textile news and comment - from just-style.com

Too many businesses are putting profit above human rights and ignoring their obligations, while governments fail to "regulate and lead by example", a group of United Nations (UN) rights experts has said.

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Duke/York study finds long-term exposure to ozone has significant impacts on human health, but lower than prior modeling results

2018-10-12 13:57:02| Green Car Congress

Tags: results health study prior


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