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Normal seasonal decline continues for feeder cattle

2020-06-25 23:28:00| Beef

Consider it a summer slump when it comes to feeder cattle as volume declines week over week.

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IMF says decline in global growth worse than forecast

2020-06-24 15:00:38| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The International Monetary Fund lowers its economic forecast for this year and next, with Europe facing a big hit.

Tags: than global growth worse


US Oil Production Decline in 2020 to Be Steeper Than Previously Expected

2020-06-09 19:00:00| OGI

"Initial data show the global oil market rebalancing faster than EIA previously forecast," EIA Administrator Linda Capuano said in a statement.

Tags: production expected previously oil


Study: Terminal Decline of Fossil Fuel Industry Risks New Financial Crisis

2020-06-04 19:25:00| OGI

Whether and how fossil fuel demand may rebound after the pandemic is hotly contested, with many projections assuming that demand for oil, in particular, could steadily return as lockdowns lift.

Tags: study industry financial terminal


LNG Exports to Decline for Haynesville Shale

2020-06-01 14:00:00| OGI

An analysis reveals a 20% output decline in a $1.80 to $1.90 Henry Hub scenario for the gas play.

Tags: decline exports lng shale


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