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Polyester Chain Prices: PX, PTA, MEG and Fiber Prices (Weekly Report)

2019-07-15 20:25:18| EmergingTextiles.com

PTA and MEG prices have slightly declined in the last seven days in the Far East after previously surging. The price volatility is due to intense competition between market participants, who have too rapidly raised their operating rates when prices were rising. Our weekly report covers the polyester chain in Asia, including PX (paraxylene), PTA (purified terephthalic acid), MEG (mono-ethylene glycol), polyester chips, and polyester staple and filament prices. Asian Contract Prices (ACPs) are also available for the PX, PTA and MEG markets in Asia, with 5-year charts and downloadable historical data.

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Cashmere Fiber and Yarn Prices in China (Quarterly Report)

2019-07-12 20:26:02| EmergingTextiles.com

Cashmere prices have eventually declined in the first half this year, over a weakness in demand after rates have excessively surged in the last year. Fiber and yarn exports are declining, as a result. However, cashmere prices were rebounding in the previous days in Mongolia. Our report offers an overall picture of short-term and long-term trends of the cashmere market, including China's exports of fiber and yarns, with volume, value, and unit prices. Italy's cashmere imports from China are also displayed. Historical data covering the last two years (China) and five years (Italy) are available for download.

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Wool Prices in Australia (Weekly Report)

2019-07-12 16:25:04| EmergingTextiles.com

Wool prices have risen for the second consecutive week in Australia, as demand for prompt shipments was boosting sales ahead of a 3-week recess. Whatever the tight supply in Australia, the sharp rise of wool prices in the last 20 years may have reached its limits, however, as indicated by our historical charts. Our report delivers a comprehensive view of wool prices in Australia, with a long list of micron types in A$, US$ and euro terms. Historical charts are also available for download.

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Polyester Fiber Prices in China, India, and Pakistan (Weekly Report)

2019-07-12 16:25:04| EmergingTextiles.com

Polyester prices are now retreating in China, after previously rebounding, as a clear sign of extreme volatility on the market. PSF prices have been raised at the start of the month in India and Pakistan, in line with China's recovery. Our weekly report covers the Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) on the domestic markets in China, India, and Pakistan. Polyester filament prices in China are also released, whereas the report includes a price comparison of polyester with cotton and viscose in China.

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Bangladesh Yarn Prices: Domestic Markets (Monthly Report)

2019-07-11 18:25:35| EmergingTextiles.com

Cotton yarn prices have further fallen in Bangladesh, mostly due to the sharp decline of cotton prices on the international market. Domestic spinners are increasingly confronted with yarn imports, also now developing their exports to foreign markets. Our monthly report covers Bangladeshi yarn prices, including cotton carded, cotton organic, melange, carded slub, cotton-polyester 60/40, cotton-polyester 40/60 and open end. Data on the annual cotton consumption and imports of Bangladesh provide further insight. Yarn prices in Bangladesh are also available in our price database on a weekly basis.

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