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USDA relaxes school meal requirements

2018-12-09 23:56:00| Beef

USDA grants schools more flexibility when it comes to milk, whole grains and sodium. Heres why I support this new rule.

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Plan your meal with the Guest-imator

2018-11-21 18:40:44| PortlandOnline

In a time of excess, too much turkey is being tossed

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Plan your meal with the Guest-imator

2018-11-20 19:36:53| PortlandOnline

Tags: plan meal


AFBF survey shows holiday meal for 10 will cost $48.90

2018-11-16 13:00:00| Beef

Turkey, milk, sweet potatoes, green peas and rolls among items decreasing in price.

Tags: cost shows holiday survey


Anti-viral components in soybean meal may promote pig health

2018-10-29 01:00:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

The University of Illinois investigates the health-promoting benefits of soy-derived feeds

Tags: health components promote meal


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