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Survey reveals increasing use of multiple TV sources by viewers in Europe

2019-05-15 09:30:19| Digital TV News

Gracenote (NYSE: NLSN) and nScreenMedia have announced findings from a survey focusing on pay TV, free-to-air and online TV viewership in major European countries. The report reveals that TV viewing has become a complicated undertaking for European audiences.

Tags: multiple europe sources survey


Bank Branch Closures Are Increasing, But Alternative Tenants May Take Over Vacated Spaces

2019-04-23 17:08:00| National Real Estate Investor

Amid bank branch closures, industry experts expect healthcare clinics and co-working facilities to move into former bank spaces.

Tags: over alternative bank increasing


Helium balloons 'cause increasing number of train delays'

2019-04-17 14:01:52| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Network Rail says helium balloons are causing delays by getting caught in overhead cables.

Tags: number increasing train delays


2017 Census: Number of farms decreasing, size increasing

2019-04-12 16:47:00| National Hog Farmer

Legislative Watch: Census of Agriculture highlights; checkoff legislation; Canada to modify retaliation list; disaster assistance stalled.

Tags: number size increasing farms


BASF Increasing Capacity for Alkylethanolamines in Ludwigshafen

2019-04-10 15:15:00| Coatings World Breaking News

Capacity increase by 20 percent at Verbund site in Ludwigshafen.

Tags: increasing capacity ludwigshafen basf


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