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Five Steps to Smart Multifamily Investments

2018-10-10 13:00:00| National Real Estate Investor

Opting for class-B and -C properties might be a smarter bet than investment in new luxury buildings.

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Multifamily Investors Continue to Accept Low Cap Rates, But for How Long?

2018-10-02 09:27:42| National Real Estate Investor

Cap rates on multifamily transactions have not moved much since 2017, according to Real Capital Analytics.

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Rising Construction Materials Prices, Labor Shortages Tax Multifamily Developers

2018-09-25 12:27:10| National Real Estate Investor

The threat of tariffs is putting pressure on prices of construction materials, driving up project costs.

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Chicagos Multifamily Market Bucks the Odds For Now

2018-09-18 18:27:15| National Real Estate Investor

Strong demand from renters has kept up with a high pace of new construction, allaying fears of overbuilding in the market.

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Where CMBS Lenders Currently Fit in the Multifamily Financing Space

2018-09-11 15:27:34| National Real Estate Investor

Conduits lenders are often willing to make loans make loans that cover up 75 percent of the underwritten value of an apartment property.

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