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Global TV subscriptions to grow by 505 million

2018-10-01 08:00:29| Digital TV News

According to Digital TV Research, global pay TV and SVOD subscriptions will reach 1,877 million by 2023. SVOD subscriptions will more than double between 2017 and 2023, but traditional pay TV will only add 94 million subscribers.

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Global SVOD subscriptions to reach 777 million

2018-09-25 06:00:22| Digital TV News

Worldwide paying SVOD subscriptions will increase by 409 million between 2017 and 2023 to total 777 million, according to Digital TV Research. Eleven countries will have more than 10 million subscribers and China and the US together will account for more than half of the total.

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YouTube turns to premium subscriptions to raise revenue

2018-09-17 15:10:34| Digital TV News

YouTube is diversifying its business model including rebranding and expanding its YouTube Premium subscription service. Current markets for YouTube Premium are expected to generate revenue of nearly $2 billion in 2022, according to IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO).

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US SVOD subscriptions to reach 208 million

2018-08-13 08:30:14| Digital TV News

The number of SVOD subscriptions in the US will climb from 132 million in 2017 to 208 million in 2023. Digital TV Research estimates that 73.5% of TV households will subscribe to at least one SVOD platform by 2023.

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Global OTT video subscriptions to pass 400 million in 2022

2018-06-13 14:30:22| Digital TV News

According to Parks Associates, the number of households worldwide with an OTT video service subscription will exceed 265 million by 2022. The popularity of OTT has driven a steady increase in adoption of smart TVs and streaming media players since 2010.

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