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Nvidia blames Apple for GPU bug that breaks Chromes incognito mode

2016-01-13 22:15:22| Extremetech

There's an embarrassing flaw in the way some discrete video cards handle web browsing -- and it could show other PC users a lot more about your browsing habits than you'd like them to know.

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EU Pig Prices: Market in Holiday Mode – Quotations Steady

2016-01-04 01:00:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

EU - The European pig slaughter market still is in a holiday mode. Cross-border market activities are severely limited because of the Christmas holidays and the days of slaughter thus missing.

Tags: mode market prices holiday


Interference And Direction Analyzer IDA2: Direction Finding Mode

2015-12-21 16:39:23| rfglobalnet Home Page

Video providing a demonstration of how to use the direction finding mode on the IDA2.

Tags: mode direction finding interference


Charge Mode Accelerometer operates up to 1,000 deg F.

2015-12-02 14:31:06| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

With internal electrical isolation design, Model 3316C2 eliminates need for additional isolated mounting block. Single axis unit features horizontal 10-32 coaxial connector and provides acceleration range of 7 g with sensitivity of 1–2 pC/g. Accelerometer is suited for high temperature applications including turbine engine test cells, exhaust manifold testing, nuclear reactor cooling tubes, automotive vibration studies, exhaust system analysis, and environmental stress screening.

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Google Boosts Chrome's Data-Saving Mode on Android

2015-12-01 18:02:55| PC Magazine Software Product Guide

Chrome's Data Saver mode will ignore most images when loading a page on a slow connection.

Tags: mode google boosts android


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