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ROCKFON's Ceiling Systems Add Color, Curves, Comfort and Durability to Oklahoma's Growing Schools

2016-01-20 11:31:11| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

ROCKFON ceiling systems met Oklahomas Cushing School Districts challenges of creating a durable new middle school and a high school fieldhouse that could withstand constant student use, while providing an attractive appearance and high performance. With recent economic growth in Cushing, Oklahoma, the community...

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Solar Simulation Interface tests photovoltaic I-V curves.

2015-07-20 14:31:07| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

Offered as user-installable, plug-and-play option for SM3300 Series programmable DC power supplies, INT MOD SIM (Simulation Interface Module) offers custom programmable table for complex I-V curve simulation. PV simulation interface can also be used for simulation of foldback current limit and testing dynamic Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) efficiency to EN 50530 standard. Features include Windows Web interface GUI and compensation for voltage drop in load leads without sense wires.

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Samsung flaunts its curves in bid to outshine Apple

2015-03-01 01:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

Two editions of the Galaxy S6, one with a curved screen, to be launch products for Korean electronics giant's m-payment service.

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Gadget Ogling: Curves and Edges, Toasty Toes, Smart Charger and Dumb Wearables

2014-09-05 23:59:36| TechNewsWorld

Welcome to the latest installment of Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, a weekly look at just-announced personal tech items. There's plenty on the menu this time around: Samsung's latest smartphone and tablet salvo; two pieces of smart, on-the-go tech; some curved home entertainment options; and wearable devices from an unlikely source. Tthese are not reviews -- my ratings reflect my interest.

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Why do we have a love affair for curved screens and devices? Because your brain finds curves beautiful.

2014-05-30 20:25:57| Extremetech

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we seem to have such an infatuation with curvy things? Why do we think that a curved smartphone or TV is better than the planar version? Why did we go gaga for the Nexus S, which had a curve that can probably be measured in fractions of a millimeter? Why has the highlight of CES for two years running been a curved Samsung or LG TV? According to some neuroaestheticists (my new favorite word), it has nothing to do with improved functionality, or even some kind of rational response -- it seems our brains are just hard coded to find curvy things more beautiful.

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