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How Google's .App Domain Makes Your Site More Secure

2018-05-10 15:17:45| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

Google this week formally launched the .app domain name, which it says will make for memorable andmore importantlyvery secure web addresses.

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12 Simple Things You Can Do to Be More Secure Online

2018-05-02 22:17:38| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

Follow these easy tips to protect the security of your devices, your data, your internet traffic, and your identity.

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Secure Gmail Accounts Appear to Be Emailing Spam

2018-04-23 18:17:41| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

Google is aware of a spam campaign and confirmed Gmail accounts have not been compromised.

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Chunghwa Telecom upgrades to Verimatrix VCAS Ultra to secure UHD/4K services

2018-04-09 03:30:19| Digital TV News

Verimatrix has announced that as Chunghwa Telecom expands its multimedia on demand (MoD) offering to include UHD/4K streaming, it has deployed VCAS Ultra to secure new delivery models and support next-generation services and technology.

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BBC deploys BuyDRM to secure premium digital content

2018-04-05 18:30:56| Digital TV News

BuyDRM has announced that the UKs BBC has deployed the KeyOS MultiKey DRM Service as part of their BBC iPlayer App. The offering powers the BBC iPlayer app that allows users to download or view offline content on MacOS and Windows clients.

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