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Targets Cloud Island Adds Toiletries and Wipes

2019-01-17 18:22:00| Happi Breaking News

Retailers brand expands from décor to personal care and more.

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Novatek TV chipsets to natively support NAGRA Connect and TVkey Cloud

2019-01-07 18:00:20| Digital TV News

NAGRA (SIX:KUD.S) and Novatek have announced that Novateks next generation TV chipsets will natively support both NAGRA Connect and TVkey Cloud. NAGRA Connect and TVkey Cloud are managed from the NAGRA Cloud.SSP Security-as-a-Service platform.

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'DNA Printing' in the Cloud, Part 3

2019-01-02 20:13:19| TechNewsWorld

DNA printing has given rise to the world's first "DNA printer" on the market, a claim advanced by the product's creators. The BioXp 3200 System is available from SGI-DNA, a division of Synthetic Genomics, a San Diego biotechnology company. The BioXp 3200 System is a DNA/RNA assembler and synthesizer made out of steel, glass, plastic, insulated wire, laboratory instruments and microprocessors.

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It's Time to Take a Hard Look at Healthcare Cloud Security

2018-12-28 20:45:59| TechNewsWorld

The healthcare cloud has been growing incredibly, becoming an ever-more-important element of health information technology, or HIT. There are many reasons why the HIT cloud has been becoming more prominent, such as research and development and collaboration. Since the cloud has been expanding so rapidly, this may be a good time to reconsider security.

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'DNA Printing' in the Cloud, Part 2

2018-12-26 19:20:59| TechNewsWorld

In DNA printing, genetic code becomes computer code. This occurs when the chemical bases adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine present in a chemical mix or gene sequence are translated by computer through gel electrophoresis technology into their representative letters: A/T, T/A, C/G, G/C. This alphabet code was formalized in 1970 by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

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