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Demystifying 5G - It's Real and It's Here

2019-11-26 13:00:00| TechNewsWorld

Every decade the wireless industry transitions to a new cellular technology, and every generation there are doubts about it. This continues with 5G. I have heard from consumers and even people within the industry that there is "no need for 5G," "5G is only for businesses," "5G won't be available until 2025," "mmWave is only for fixed wireless access," and "radiation from mmWave is harmful."

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February 2019: Demystifying Disability Language

2019-02-27 22:12:22| PortlandOnline

This month, we tackle the age-old question, What should I say?! The answer just might surprise you.

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Review - Demystifying OWL for the Enterprise, a review

2018-12-03 18:30:45| Oil IT Journal - www.oilit.com

Michael Uschold's book does a good job of demystification. But claim of 'growing take-up' after a 15-year incubation period is questionable.

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Demystifying the Accuracy of High-Speed DC Circuit Breakers

2016-04-21 10:21:00| Railway Technology

High-speed DC circuit-breakers, in this paper referred to as circuit-breakers, are present in all sorts of rail infrastructure. National or urban railways, tramways or metro's, they all rely on circuit-breakers to protect them from disastrous situati

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Demystifying DirectX 12 support: What AMD, Intel, and Nvidia do and dont deliver

2015-06-08 13:30:17| Extremetech

Over the past few days there's been a great deal of confusion over what it means to support various DirectX 12 feature levels and how this relates to various GPUs from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. AMD and Nvidia have been promising DX12 support on old hardware for over a year, but Microsoft's naming conventions have confused the topic.

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