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Lomon Billions Intends to Buy Sichuan Anning Iron and Titanium Co., Ltd

2018-03-22 13:40:00| Coatings World Breaking News

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New Sustainable Transparent Iron Oxide Pigments EnvironOxide range by CATHAY INDUSTRIES

2018-03-14 14:52:00| Coatings World Breaking News

Tags: range industries iron transparent


UWO team discovers new conductive phase during carbon-coating process of lithium iron phosphate; potential to improve performance

2018-03-12 11:57:08| Green Car Congress

Tags: to process team performance


How a Driverless Future Threatens the Iron Laws of Real Estate

2018-02-06 19:28:07| National Real Estate Investor

As fracking upended the oil industry by giving new life to old fields, so the driverless future offers to free up whole new neighborhoods.

Tags: real estate future laws


Smart Windows Use Iron Nanoparticles to Harvest Heat

2018-01-18 15:33:27| Extremetech

Many of the previously dumb devices in our homes are getting smarter with the advent of internet-connected lights, thermostats, and more. Surely the windows can't be smart, can they? The post Smart Windows Use Iron Nanoparticles to Harvest Heat appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Tags: windows heat smart iron


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