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Hyundai Motor Group introduces industry-first smartphone-based EV performance control technology; blockchain

2019-04-22 10:57:03| Green Car Congress

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Missouri restores local control of St. Louis district

2019-04-17 17:24:00| American School & University

The district has been governed by a three-member special administrative board since 2007 because of financial and academic deficiencies.

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Amazon bulk certifies Espial Elevate operators for Alexa voice control

2019-04-16 16:30:37| Digital TV News

Espial (TSE: ESP) has announced that they have certified several Amazon Alexa voice controls on Elevate-based IPTV, app-TV and cable services. Amazon did a bulk certification, enabling operators to move rapidly through the process.

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South Africa reports swine fever outbreak outside of control zones

2019-04-11 11:17:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

New cases of African swine fever confirmed by South African agriculture ministry, Reuters reports.

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Documentation Control Backlog Support

2019-04-09 16:30:27| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

Specific Tasks The support is to be focused on the Galileo Project documentation. The backlog also includes partially verified or partially uploaded documentation that is already at archive stage, but where the inprocessing, filing or archiving tasks have been performed only partially. This is typically the case for documentation that was not fully inprocessed e.g. missing original file format or missing attachments, reduced checks were performed partial document verification or metadata was not fully determined and entered in the repository. Documentation control comprise the task areas of inprocessing handling, filing organization and metadata and archiving NAV libraries. The ideal candidate shall perform document control duties for the NAV Directorate. The service involves the task areas of inprocessing, e.g. transfer of files from data sources to workareas filing, comprising data organization and metadata identification archiving either in documentation management systems or storage areas, either digitally or physically. reporting, i.e. statistics, KPIs, problems and progress status The prime focus for the post holder is the backlog including data packages and documentation that was processed incompletely in the repositories. The priority which data to process is defined by ESANAV according to needs. The Key Person will interface mainly the Head of the Configuration and Data Management Unit and configuration Management Officers in NAV. Specific duties include inprocessing, comprising transfer of files from data sources such as SFTP or shared drives to workareas checking of files against the NAV CADM and subordinate requirement lists checking physical media and extraction of data and files recording problem documents and interfacing originator for resolution identification of documents checked and ready for upload to the repositories identification of special data files such as ITAR and application of special procedures filing, comprising data organization and metadata identification fields required identification or creation of target areas for final repository of files, including folders and logical groups collections, libraries etc preparation of upload sheets to repositories, i.p. EclipseDCCM preparation of transfer of selected files to shared drives, Sharepoint application and alike modification of document metadata as corrective measure if required modification of contractor input sheets, e.g. wrong text or XML delivered file records insertion of all required metadata to the target repositories review and update of metadata already existing in the repositories, e.g. after check process of documents already uploaded generation and update of records for NAV unclassified documentation flow tracking system i.p. GDRTS for Galileo transmission of countersignatures archiving, comprising file upload to, update of or deletion from the target repositories general health and consistency check of repositories in the documentation management system if required transfer of selected files to shared drives, Sharepoint application and alike transfer of media CDDVDUSBHDD to dedicated physical storage areas reporting, comprising generation of document control activity statistics, generation of monthly KPI figures generation of problem reports generation of work progress status and predictions Requirements A University degree Bachelor from a recognised Institution of secondary studies or equivalent qualification in Business Administration or Communications as relevant, with minimum 2 years of relevant experience. The Key Person requires appropriate skills and specific experience in the following fields A sound and proven experience in documentation control and some in overall configuration management, A sound and proven experience working in a documentation management or library service and documentation control tools as well as MS office tools, A good knowledge of the NAV directorates programmes, An indepth knowledge of the documentation control procedures in NAV or to be acquired before start of service in coordination with NAVMMC in a time frame to be agreed, A very good knowledge of the major NAV documentation management system types mainly, but not limited to Polaris, Sharepoint, Shared Drive, Familiarity with typical documentation control in ESA, Demonstrated customer and serviceoriented personality, able to work autonomously in the field of documentation control, A very good knowledge of the English language. Eligible to apply to a personal security clearance

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