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ZTE assesses the damage following US and UK banning orders

2018-04-18 02:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

ZTE has said that it is currently investigating the "full range of potential implications" following yesterday's governmental warnings from the US and the UK.   "ZTE is aware of the denial order activated by the United States Department of Commerce…read more on TotalTele.com »

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Will beef be collateral damage in Trumps trade wars?

2018-04-04 21:25:09| Beef

As long as Trump is waving his sword, agriculture will be in for a bumpy ride.

Tags: trade damage wars beef


Renationalisation would damage economy, warns CBI

2018-03-12 21:00:21| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Calls to privatise state assets are driven by ideology, not facts, says the business group.

Tags: damage economy warns cbi


5 Trending Headlines: Bull buying tips; PLUS: is Russia out to damage U.S. agriculture?

2018-03-05 20:26:19| Beef

Here are 7 tips to make bull buying season easier. And whos behind the anti-GMO nonsense. Russia, thats who. That and more awaits you in this weeks Trending Headlines.

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Moving Violations Video No. 160: Flexible Cord Damage

2018-02-08 17:25:48| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

In this episode, Russ shows us an installation that violates Sec. 400.12(7) of the 2017 NEC. Flexible cords are not permitted where subject to physical damage. This installation also violates Sec. 110.12(B), which states no damaged parts may be opera

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