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Access to Markets: Black Rabbit Farm, Media, and Marketing

2017-05-18 18:08:43| National Farmers Union

By Tommy Enright, Wisconsin Farmers Union Communications Associate My spouse, Sam, and I started Black Rabbit Farm in 2013 with very little farming experience. We had just moved back to our home state of Wisconsin after living in Seattle, and we were excited to start this new chapter in our lives. As soon as we […]

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Access to Markets: Why Media Matters in Agriculture

2017-05-16 18:04:29| National Farmers Union

By Tommy Enright, Wisconsin Farmers Union Communications Associate Some farms garner a great deal of media attention while similar farms fly below the radar. Why is this? To be sure, there are farmers doing enough awesome things in their communities that people take notice. But more likely, they are good at marketing themselves. In my experience, […]

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Access to Markets: Colorado Herb Cooperative

2017-04-28 22:03:21| National Farmers Union

By Stephanie Syson, Lead Grower & Owner of Biodynamic Botanicals The United States is a large consumer of medicinal herbs, mainly in the form of value-added products such as dietary supplements, teas, personal care products, cosmetics, and other nutraceuticals. However, many of the herbs used to make these products are imported from foreign markets. In […]

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Access to Markets: Cooperatives

2017-04-25 22:20:52| National Farmers Union

By Jimmy Dula, NFU Intern Although you might not know it, cooperatives are woven throughout every industry in the United States, including housing, banking, agriculture, food retail, and healthcare, providing people with basic goods and services through collectively owned and democratically organized businesses and organizations. Opportunities for cooperatives exist when a group of people or organizations share a […]

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Access to Markets: SNAP Connects Farmers and Consumers

2017-03-30 19:16:23| National Farmers Union

By Cathleen Anthony, Greater Rifle Improvement Team Assistant at AmeriCorps VISTA My winter diet cycles through a couple of staples: rice, pasta, canned beans, cereal, and potatoes. These are not my favorite foods. I eat them because theyre cheap, can be found in bulk, and stave off the feeling of hunger. When youre on Supplemental Nutrition […]

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