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Trump delays tariffs on car imports

2019-05-17 14:59:33| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The decision is delayed to allow more time for trade talks with the European Union and Japan.

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Chinese pork prices remain steady as consumption falls and US imports are cancelled

2019-05-17 10:45:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

Though low supply due to African swine fever should mean increased prices for pork, decreased consumption and cancelled imports keep prices at the same level.

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US Apparel Imports in 1st Quarter 2019: Origins (Statistical Report)

2019-05-16 19:24:51| EmergingTextiles.com

US apparel imports have remained strong in the first quarter with China losing market shares and Bangladesh and Vietnam benefiting from a rebound in their shipments. Imports from India, Sri Lanka and Jordan have also experienced a double-digit increase while shipments were declining from Cambodia. Our quarterly report details shipments to the U.S. market per origin, with volume and value changes, market shares, and unit value variations in the last five years. Quarterly and full year data covering the 2013-18 period are available for download.

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China's Apparel Imports in last five years (Statistical Report)

2019-05-16 19:24:51| EmergingTextiles.com

China is rapidly becoming a major apparel importer in line with the relocation of its capacities to low-income countries in Asia, but also due to the development of its clothing and luxury markets. Imports from Italy have therefore rebounded in the last year, while shipments from Vietnam and Cambodia were further surging. Our statistical report offers a comprehensive view of Korea's overall apparel imports in the past 10 years in US$ terms. Detailed data per origin are also released over the last 5-year period. All data are available for download.

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U.S. Apparel Imports: Latest and Long-Term Trends (Monthly Report)

2019-05-15 20:25:16| EmergingTextiles.com

US apparel imports have been very strong in March with shipments from China sharply falling however, and imports surging by contrast from other nations like Vietnam. Higher production costs and the threat of heavier import tariffs could have triggered a decisive decision to progressively leave China to the benefit of a series of low-income countries. Our monthly review covers US apparel import data, with historical trends being analyzed over the 2000-2019 period including cotton vs man-made fiber apparel, and China vs Rest of World (RoW) and vs Vietnam.

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