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New Kindle Oasis E-Reader Can Take a Dunking

2017-10-12 20:35:44| TechNewsWorld

Amazon on Wednesday pulled the wraps off a new premium e-reader that's waterproof and has a sharp 300 pixels-per-inch display. The Kindle Oasis has a 7-inch Paperwhite display and sports an aluminum back and ergonomic shape that makes it easier to read for prolonged periods. It has a battery life measured in weeks, and it can charge from zero to full power in two hours.

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Flying With a Tablet, Ereader? Separate Screening Bins, Please

2017-07-27 02:06:20| PC Magazine Notebooks Product Guide

Travelers already need to place laptops in plastic bins; now you'll need to do the same for things like tablets, e-readers, and handheld game consoles.

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US Navy releases 'stealth' e-reader

2014-05-13 04:16:05| Wireless - Topix.net

The US Navy is to provide custom e-readers, dubbed the Navy eReader Device , to some of its sailors.

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US Navy develops worlds worst e-reader

2014-05-13 01:00:00| Naval Technology

It is an unspoken rule of military procurement that any IT or communications technology will invariably be years behind what is commercially available or technically hobbled to ensure security. One case in point is the uncomfortably backronymed NeRD,

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Navy NeRD eReader Lacks Ports and WiFi, but Comes Chock Full of Books

2014-05-07 23:48:08| Wireless - Topix.net

There are plenty of eReaders out there, but none of them are secure enough to be used on US Navy vessels.

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