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Why are Homes and Autos Still Built the Old Fashioned Way?

2020-10-18 13:00:00| TechNewsWorld

We could build homes that stand up to hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. We could build cars that are lighter and more fuel-efficient. Like the opening for the old TV show, "The Six Million Dollar Man," we have the technology. So why don't we use it? The reason is that people who build homes, cars, and other things would need to be retrained -- but the result would be a more sustainable and safer world.

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The 'Unix Way'

2020-10-14 14:14:00| TechNewsWorld

We neglect our OS at the risk of radically underutilizing the incredible tools that it enables our device to be. Most of us only come into contact with one, or possibly both, of two families of operating systems: "House Windows" and "House Practically Everything Else." The latter is more commonly known as Unix.

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Locally raised beef the Shorthorn way

2020-10-09 17:12:00| Beef

Shorthorn breeders develop program to provide fresh, quality beef to consumers.

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Pay TV subscriptions still rising, but revenues on the way down

2020-10-09 04:00:31| Digital TV News

Global pay TV revenues peaked in 2016 at $202 billion and will fall to $152 billion in 2025, according to Digital TV Research. This is lower than 2010s $175 billion - despite the number of pay TV subscribers rising by 345 million.

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Microsoft Ignite and Dominating the Future of Tech the Right Way

2020-09-28 13:00:00| TechNewsWorld

At Microsoft Ignite last week, the breadth and focus that Microsoft demonstrated were arguably well beyond what any other company is capable of doing. This lesson is worth remembering because Microsoft, unlike its peers facing antitrust action, is showing how to become powerful without becoming a threat. The result is far more powerful and far less risky than the company's prior path.

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